Tealish Fine Teas - Iced Tea
Tealish Fine Teas - Iced Tea
Tealish Fine Teas

Tealish Fine Teas - Iced Tea

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These teas are so delicious hot or iced. Have a little 'Me time' and sit back, relax and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

More information from the company:
At tealish, we create and curate natural, stylish, and benefit driven tea and lifestyle products that put fun back in wellness!

We believe bringing joy into life’s little routines can lead to harmony, balance and inspired living. It is our mission is to bring you the most exciting, top end teas, full of natural, healthy and trend forward ingredients. Giving you permission to relax, we see brewing a cup of tea as an important self care ritual that encourages well-being and mindfulness. Steeped in wellness, our products will inspire you to recharge and rejuvenate, giving you the energy you need to live your best life!

so go ahead, sip, breathe and relax!


Pink Lemonade - A sweet and tart iced tea blend with notes of strawberry, lemon, and rose that turns bright pink when brewed!

INGREDIENTS: apples, beets, raspberries, strawberries, rose petals, amaranth petals, lemon slices, lime slices, natural flavours

Golden Citrus - A rich golden blend of citrus fruits and turmeric that turns sunny yellow when brewed!

INGREDIENTS: apple, lemon, orange, rose hip, turmeric, natural flavours.