Tayboo Treats Candle - Cotton Candy
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Tayboo Treats Candle - Cotton Candy

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Sit back, enjoy a hot beverage and light one of these delicious Tayboo Treats candles!
These 10oz Coconut Soy Candles are eco-friendly, burn clean with a 100% cotton wick and are scented with high quality fragrance oils.
Tayboo Treats Candles are meant to be burned in 3 hour increments and will last for around 50-60 hours of burn time (If you burn them 3 hours at a time).

This specific candle is scented with a sweet and sugary Cotton Candy with hints of vanilla, perfect for burning on a cool summer night.

These candles are made by Taylor (Owner of Tayboo Boutique), contact TaybooBoutique@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding this product.

**Candle is sprinkled with Eco-Friendly Glitter and will melt with the wax**