Honeymaru Cute Goat Plush

Honeymaru Cute Goat Plush

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This CUTE Honeymaru Goat Plush is here softer and fluffier than ever! Made of premium quality materials makes this Goat Plush the perfect collectible for any fan of Honeymaru.

  • Honeymaru
  • Cute Goat Plush
  • 13.5 Inches Tall
  • Easy to maintain and perfect for gifts or collector
  • Made of high-quality premium materials
  • Ages 3+

What is Honeymaru? Who lives there?

Welcome to Honeymaru, a dream realm created by Ayumu, where Bunnies and Shiba’s are Mochis, cats are astronauts, food comes to life and the adventures are limitless! Ayumu escapes to Honeymaru when she is feeling anxious or when she is bored. The best part is that she can control when she wants to transport to Honeymaru! This dream world is a safe and fun space for her to be free of worry. Ayumu is welcomed by her imaginary friends, who exist in different dimensions, like Cosmodochi-land, Mochi-land, etc. Whenever Ayumu decides to escape reality, everyone unites in Honeymaru to play and have fun!