London Fog - Cotton Wick 10oz Candle
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London Fog - Cotton Wick 10oz Candle

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Sit back, enjoy a hot beverage and light one of these delicious Tayboo Treats candles!

These 10oz Coconut Soy Candles are eco-friendly, burn clean with a  Cotton Wick and are scented with high quality fragrance oils.
Tayboo Treats Candles are meant to be burned in 3 hour increments and will last for around 50-60 hours of burn time (If you burn them 3 hours at a time).

This candle smells so good and is definitely one of our faves!
These candles are made by Taylor (Owner of Tayboo Boutique), contact if you have any questions regarding this product.

**Candle is sprinkled with Eco-Friendly Glitter and will melt with the wax**