About The Owner Of Tayboo Boutique 

Meet Taylor Angus, creator and owner of Tayboo Boutique! 

What started out as an Etsy shop with handmade items including Drinkware, Stationary and Home Decor with Taylor’s Cutesy Illustrations on them, quickly became Taylor’s full-time job. 

Opening up a shop has always been a dream of Taylor’s and when she found the perfect location in Smiths Falls, Ontario inside of Davidson Courtyard, she knew that’s where the physical home of Tayboo Boutique needed to be. 

Offering unique products from herself, Canadian Makers and adorable Popular Plush Toys, a gift from Tayboo is tailored to please! 

Shop online or visit Tayboo Boutique at 7 Russell Street West, Smiths Falls, Ontario.

Bring home the magic!